An Invitation from Stanford: New Age, New Tech, New Business

发布日期:2015-11-16 15:35:22    来源:北京大学国家发展研究院



This is an invitation from CCERCLUB to all students from Peking University and students pursuing their double degree in NSD. This Wednesday evening we will have a special meeting with 20 students from Stanford University, the partner of 91Maker, a leading Chinese startups incubator, and some young Chinese entrepreneurs.

We cordially invite you to join us in this meeting and having heated discussions with the most excellent students and entrepreneurs if you have strong interest in entrepreneurship and want to communicate with your peers and entrepreneurs. Most of the participants from Stanford University are of your age and have strong interest in entrepreneurship or have business experiences.

There will be volunteer speakers from Stanford University who will do a short speech or presentation introducing Stanford culture and practice of business incubation to the Chinese participants. The speaker may also share his or her own stories related. Stanford is the engine of the Silicon Valley; while PKU is located at Zhong Guan Cun, the China’s Silicon Valley. We believe the comparison and contrast between the two innovation centers must be inspiring. Your participation and contribution are very important to the event success.


How to join in this meeting:

Please sent an e-mail to (Mr. Yang), and your email should include these items: A self-introduction or resume, A proof to your English level, A relevant question about the theme of this meeting. Once your email is delivered successfully, you will receive a responding one and please wait for further notice. Please note that we do not receive any applications after 24:00, 17, Nov. (this Tuesday).


Here is some information in detail:

Time: November 18, 18:30-20:30PM

Format: Social & dinner / Speeches & presentations / Remarks / Q&A

Information about the participating enterprises:


A leading startup investment and incubating firm in China. 2015 China's Most Noteworthy Incubator Reward winner. Since 2013, more than 260 startups started from 91maker, and more than 100 of them got the investment of more than 6.1m RMB, 5.13m on average. The most successful startup got 22m dollars as the B round investment.

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