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PKU-BHP CCUS Research Project

Nowadays, large parts of the industrial sector, and steel-making in particular, is both CO2 and energy intensive, especially in countries and regions with industrial power and rapid economic development. In light of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and international commitments made by the vast majority of nations, green growth and development in the industrial sector will play an important role in leading the economic and social transformation of society.

In 2016, BHP sponsored and funded a research project, led by Peking University together with the University of Edinburgh and other research institutes to assess three key factors -- policy, technology, and business viability -- regarding CCUS deployment in the iron and steel sector. In this context, the Symposium also serves as a vehicle for the project team to share the outcomes of two years of collaborative work.

The work will also include an engagement, public awareness and education component, with a focus on climate change-related governance via a distinguished speaker’s series, annual conferences and dedicated training sessions with government, business and civil society. 

Peking University has been working with an external advisory board of eminent individuals and organizations. The role of the Advisory Board is to provide timely advice on research direction.

The output will provide support for further policy research, as an evidence base and a roadmap for the future deployment and development.

The Project is comprised of the following components:

  • Advisory Board Meetings
  • Technical Work Program
  • Policy/Economic Work Program
  • Business Analysis Work Program
  • Speakers’ Series
  • Symposia
  • Training Programs