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Strategic deliberation on development of low-carbon energy system in China

  • by National Center for Climate Strategy and International Cooperation

Study of CCUS Strategies and Policies in China’s Iron/Steel Sector

  • Summary Report 2018-2019
    National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC)

Carbon emission scenarios of China's power sector

  • by LIU Qiang, ZHENG Xiaoqi, CHEN Yi, and Oleg LUFOVOY

Strategies and Policies on CCUS in China's Industry Sector 2017

  • by LIU Qiang, TIAN Chuan, LI Xiaomei, ZHAO Xuchen from NCSC

Peaking China’s CO2 Emissions: Trends to 2030 and Mitigation Potential

  • By LIU Qiang, GU Alun, TENG Fei, SONG Ranping and CHEN Yi