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Symposium on Climate Change, Green Growth and CCUS 2018 (Part I)

  • Nov. 20, 2018 at Stanford Center Peking University

Symposium on Climate Change, Green Growth and CCUS 2018 (Part II)

  • Nov. 20, 2018 at Stanford Center Peking University

Symposium on Climate Change, Green Growth and CCUS 2018 (Part III)

  • Nov. 21, 2018 at Stanford Center Peking University

Steel and CO2 – a Global Perspective

  • Andrew Purvis, Director of Health and Environment, World Steel Association

Long-term Viability of Carbon Sequestration in Deep-sea Sediments

  • Prof. ZHANG Dongxiao, Dean of College of Engineering at Peking University

Inter-Sector CCUS Knowledge Transfer Canadian Boundary Dam Project

  • Michael Monea, President and CEO, International CCS Knowledge Centre, Canada

Industrial CCS

  • Alex Zapantis, General Manager - Commercial, Global CCS Institute

Climate Change and CCUS Policy Development Pathways

  • Dr.Graham Winkelman, Practice Lead Climate Change, BHP

Addressing Climate and Energy Challenges through Innovations -- -Asian Development Bank Approach

  • Dr.ZHAI Yongping, Chief, Energy Sector Group, Asian Development Bank

China Energy Transition under the Pollution Control and Climate Change

  • LI Junfemg, Former Director General, National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation

Main Findings of IPCC SR on 1.5 Degrees Warming

  • Prof. TENG Fei, Professor from School of Environment at Tsinghua University

China's Iron/Steel industry and its sustainable development

  • Chi Jingdong, Vice chairman of China Iron and Steel Association

CCUS Symposium 2017 - Decarbonisation, BHP Billiton’s perspective

  • Graham Winkelman, Practice Lead for Climate Change at BHP. He talked about Implementation of Climate Change

CCUS Symposium 2017 - Japanese Steel Industry and Effort to reduce CO2 Emission

  • Hiroshi Nambo, Branch Representative for Japan, Global CCS Institute.He introduced the status of Japan's CO2

CCUS Symposium 2017 - CCS in Steel Industry

  • Alex Zapantis, General Manager, Asia Pacific, Global CCS Institute. He stressed that CCS is critical in a portfolio of

CCUS Symposium 2017 - Global status of CCS

  • Mr. Michael Monea, President and CEO, The International CCS Knowledge Centre. He talked about CCUS Ideas and

Symposium on Decarbonization in Steel Sector 2017

  • Symposium on Decarbonization: CCUS Perspective in Steel Sector, which is co-organized by Peking University

Promoting South-South Cooperation, Coping with Climate Change 2016

  • The parallel conference of Eco Forum Global 2017 in Guizhou.