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Ownership Neutrality vs. Competitive Neutrality: SOE Issue in WTO Reform

  • What is Ownership Neutrality? What is Competitive Neutrality? How have these concepts evolved as implicit principles in the current WTO reform and affected the trade tensions between China and the United States? LU Feng, Chair Professor of Economics and Director of China Macroeconomic Research Center at National School of Development at Peking University, examines the involving issues as well as China's policy in this large context.

Code of Growth

  • Prof. Zhao Yanjing, former director of Xiamen Urban Planning Bureau, gave a speech titled “The Code of Growth” to students of the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development at Peking University Public Policy Forum International.

Philosophy of Science: Why it Matters

  • Prof. Angelo Petroni from University of Rome and Aspen Institute Italia gave a speech on Philosophy of Science.

How Bamboo Can Help to Sovle the Global Challenges

  • Dr. Hans Friederich, Director-General of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR)

Retrospect and Prospect of Renewable Energy Development

  • LI Junfeng, former Director of National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation.

Challenges and Opportunities for China's Steel Industry

  • Li Xinchuang, Director of the Institute of Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research. He talked about the

Sustaining Growth -Transition Report 2017-2018

  • EBRD Experts talked on Escaping the Middle Income Trap: Possibilities and Options for Eastern and Central European

Globalization: Past, Present and Future

  • Prof. Jeff Frieden from Government School of Harvard University. He said,international cooperation have been

Cope with Climate change and Promote Development Transformation

  • Global warming brings about a series of negative influences on the earth and our daily lives since the

EFG Initiative in tune with ISSCAD's core academic pillars

  • “Embracing the New Era of Eco Civilization and Let Green Growth Benefit All”. The students attended EFG Forum and

The innovative application of bamboo can help address global challenges

  • Dr. Han Friedrich, Director-General of INBAR,stressed that bamboo can largely reduce carbon footprint.

For a Living Planet: Risk and Resilience in a New Era

  • Marco Lambertini, Director Genral of WWF,said the world must pay significant attention to ecosystem and adopt green technologies.

China eyes on innovation, green environment and well-being

  • Xu Lin, Director General of NDRC, talked about China's Development Planning: Output, Process and Reforming.

Promoting South-South Cooperation, Coping with Climate Change 2016

  • The parallel conference of Eco Forum Global 2017 in Guizhou.

Al Gore Speaks about Climate Change at Peking University

  • Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore delivered a speech entitled “The Reality of the Climate