Level D Consultant wanted by MERCER

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Mercer is the global leader for trusted HR and related financial advice, products and services. In our work with clients, we make a positive impact on the world every day. We do this by enhancing the financial and retirement security, health, productivity and employment relationships of the global workforce.
Mercer has more than 19,000 employees serving clients in over 180 cities and 40 countries and territories worldwide.
As a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., we can also provide access to the complementary services of our sibling companies, Marsh, Guy Carpenter and Oliver Wyman.


Job Title: Consultant, HC
Business/Function: Human Capital
Segment: HR Effectiveness
Market: National
Job Code: ASD152
Career Level: D
FLSA Status (US Only): Exempt


The purpose of this position is to contribute to internal project teams and external clients by conducting research and performing qualitative and quantitative analysis to be utilized by senior team members in client deliverables. Qualitative analysis includes capturing notes and client feedback to identify trends or issues. Quantitative analysis includes using Excel to manipulate client data from sources such as payroll, HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) and surveys. Using the outcomes of this analysis, the HRE (Human Resources Effectiveness) Analyst is responsible for populating client presentations or other types of documents, generally using pre-existing templates or by developing materials under the direction of more senior consultants. This position will interact primarily with internal Mercer team members, but may have limited contact with “clients” (i.e., individuals external to Mercer.) This contact would be of a more routine nature (e.g., asking simple questions, following up on open items.)


1.Prepare initial drafts of project documentation and deliverables using existing templates or by developing new materials under senior consultant guidance, to include:
- Capturing and summarizing notes during meetings or focus groups and actively listening and translating information from client. This includes the ability to hone in on information that will be utilized to determine the clients business, functional, and technical requirements for the project.
- Using Visio (software used to create diagrams to communicate information) the HRE Analyst drafts initial process maps including: process activities, process flow, and responsible parties for business processes. These are then reviewed by senior consultants.
- Creating initial drafts of findings by using outcomes of the analysis to populate pre-existing templates, or creates a new presentation/report or other type of document under the guidance of senior team members.
- Autonomously creating initial graphical representations of data, which is then reviewed by senior consultants
- Designing and testing scripts for system functionality by utilizing ideas from prior projects as well as creating new scripts from scratch based on clients level of system (e.g., HR systems – HRIS, talent management) configuration (i.e., system options) or customization (i.e., building new functionality.) The purpose of test scripts are to test system functionality to ensure the systems are working as expected.
- Preparing spreadsheets and “manipulating” data (e.g., sorting data from multiple perspectives) derived from Mercer’s Operations Scanner tool.
% of time spent:45%
2. Analyze qualitative information by identifying trends, issues, and gaps from notes taken during focus groups, interviews, and meetings or from other research. Also perform quantitative data analysis in Excel using data from resources such as payroll, HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems), Mercer’s Operations Scanner tool, or survey data. Analysis requires identifying trends, averages, or issues from research or other information sources.
% of time spent:30%
3. Research HR topics and client/industry information by utilizing internal and external resources. Internal resources include surveys, white papers, benchmark data, and prior project deliverables. External resources include surveys, journal articles, websites, white papers and books. This research is used by senior consultants in developing client deliverables, intellectual capital or new business proposals. Research will be conducted independently and may also work in conjunction with internal resources (e.g., Information Research Center) to conduct research – provides specific direction as to the type of research needed.
% of time spent:10%
4. Provide support to the project manager by:
- Updating pre-existing status report templates to measure project progress and identify milestones or risks. This may include gathering information from multiple internal or external workstreams.
- Capturing meeting notes.
- Updating the project plan by documenting when certain project activities are complete, team resource or other changes (e.g., due dates.)
- Monitoring project deadlines to ensure items/tasks are completed in required time frame for the client, vendor, or internal team members. Will escalate deadline issues to senior consultants when necessary.
These activities will be done with the guidance of the project manager/more senior consultant who will review and approve the various outputs.
% of time spent:10%
Analyst will work on multiple projects concurrently and will have to juggle priorities.
5. Provide client support, by engaging in routine contact with clients/vendors such as following up on outstanding issues, getting additional information, and asking clarifying questions. For more routine issues the analyst acts autonomously to engage the client: for larger issues they will follow-up under the direction of more senior consultants.
% of time spent:5%

Manages multiple projects? (Yes/No):NO
Percentage of time spent on project management:This role will provide project management support only (e.g., creating/updating status reports, updating project plan, writing meeting notes)

Education:A bachelor’s degree in business, information systems, human resource management, organizational psychology, finance or liberal arts
Experience:Up to 5 years of relevant work experience (e.g., internships). Previous experience in research and analysis through course work or job experience (e.g., internships) is preferred.
Knowledge and skills (general and technical):
- Excellent technical skills in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and Visio
- Strong research and analytical skills, both quantitative and qualitative
- Superior organizational skills (e.g., planning, prioritization, scheduling) and attention to detail
- Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
- Demonstrated intellectual curiosity; ability to learn quickly
- Critical thinking, creativity and proactive problem solving skills
- Ability to both work independently and as part of a team; may work on multiple teams concurrently
- Flexibility, adaptability and the ability to work under tight deadlines or changing client needs
- Ability to produce high-quality deliverables
Other requirements (licenses, certifications, specialized training):
Ability to travel, as required; up to 100% of time on a per project basis

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