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Mercer is the global leader for trusted HR and related financial advice, products and services. In our work with clients, we make a positive impact on the world every day. We do this by enhancing the financial and retirement security, health, productivity and employment relationships of the global workforce.
Mercer has more than 19,000 employees serving clients in over 180 cities and 40 countries and territories worldwide. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., we can also provide access to the complementary services of our sibling companies, Marsh, Guy Carpenter and Oliver Wyman.


Job Title :Senior Consultant, HC
Job Code:ASE202
Business/Function: Human Capital
Career Level: E
Segment: HR Effectiveness
Market: National
FLSA Status (US Only):Exempt


The purpose of this position is to conduct research and perform human resources related analysis to be used as input into client deliverables. Creates initial drafts of project “tools” /deliverables. In smaller, more routine projects, this position will have project management responsibilities or may lead a project sub-team. Project management responsibilities include oversight of the tasks performed by junior consultants, monitoring progress, and day to day client interaction. Interacts with clients, primarily at the secondary client level. With the guidance of more senior consultants, this position is responsible for presenting some aspect of the project findings and recommendations during client meetings.

1. Analysis
% of time spent:30%
Performs human resources related analysis with guidance from senior consultants including: best practice research, client data/requirements/strategic objectives/gap analysis, HR/technical/industry knowledge,etc. Develops conclusions and formulates recommendations based on a wide range of data collection activities.
With guidance from senior consultants, reviews data/information to draw out implications, find patterns, identify anomalies/issues, compare information, and determine underlying causes for issues. Working with senior consultants, utilizes pre-existing templates with modifications to fit the particular project, to develop tools/documents to aid in the analysis and evaluation of research/information, such as:
Output of research and analysis may also be used to support internal improvements (e.g., enhancements to methodologies and tools) and intellectual capital creation (e.g., white paper.)
- Preparing vendor comparison document to capture responses to Request for Proposal (RFP) and facilitate comparison
- Creating scoring document to provide a numeric value to vendor responses to RFP and/or vendor demonstrations and rate the vendors compared to business, functional and technical requirements
- Creating checklist or questionnaires to assess the operational effectiveness of the HR function or the administration of HR programs (e.g., retirement or health plan administration)
- Documenting the current state of HR processes
- Summarizing output (data in Excel spreadsheet) derived from Mercer’s Operation Scanner tool
Output of research and analysis may also be used to support internal improvements (e.g., enhancements to methodologies and tools) and intellectual capital creation (e.g., white paper.)

2. Research and information gathering
% of time spent:25%
Conducts research or gathers data/information to be utilized in the analysis and development of proposed client solutions. Information may be gathered using internal (e.g., databases, surveys, white papers, prior project deliverables) or external resources (e.g., client meetings/interviews/ focus groups, surveys, journal articles, websites, white papers, books). Stays abreast of HR technology issues/trends and vendor capabilities by reading using internal resources (reports, papers, etc) and external resources (internet, external papers, reports, etc)
For data gathering, develops/modifies tools/materials used to obtain and document information required for the client project. Work will be done under the guidance of a more senior consultant. Types of documents created and activities conducted may include:
- Developing first draft of interview guide, capturing interview feedback, and asking clarifying questions.
- Developing first draft of focus group facilitation guide, capturing focus group feedback, and asking clarifying questions.
All initial drafts are revised and approved by senior team member prior to client distribution.

3. Client Recommendations
% of time spent:20%
Based on implications/conclusions drawn from the information analyzed, partners with senior consultants to develop initial recommendations that will be used to facilitate the decision making process with client. These presentations, reports, or other documents are built upon a pre-existing templates or leverage prior client work and are modified to fit the current client situation. All documents are reviewed by senior team member prior to client distribution. Must be able to produce client-ready, high-quality deliverables.

4. Project Management
% of time spent:10%
For larger clients, provides support to the project manager. For smaller, more routine clients, may be the project or work stream (e.g., sub-team of project) manager. Responsibilities include:
- Provides input into establishing a project plan (identifying tasks to be completed and estimated timeframes.). To the extent possible, project plans from previous similar projects will be used with modifications to meet the needs of the current project. The project plan will be reviewed and finalized by a more senior consultant.
- Monitors progress (against deadlines and responsibilities established on the project plan) and following up with team members to ensure that target deadlines will be met. If deadlines or resource allocation may have to be adjusted consults with more senior consultant to make adjustments. Generally larger, complex issues will be dealt with by more senior consultants. Handles more routine issues autonomously.
- Manages the project work of more junior team members ( i.e., prioritizing activities, providing guidance on performing tasks.) More senior consultant has ultimate responsibility for the overall performance of junior team members.
- Reviews work of junior staff to ensure that it is accurate, complete, appropriate for the client, grammatically correct, formatted properly. May make the corrections/revisions him/herself or may ask junior consultant to make changes. More senior consultant on project will be responsible for final review and approval of all deliverables.
- Identifies, escalates and resolves issues or risks. Responsible for notifying more senior consultant of any existing or potential issues or risks to the project and providing possible solutions to address the issues/risks. Addresses more minor issues directly with the client. More significant issues or risks are escalated to a more senior consultant.
- Provides status reports and participates in weekly status meetings. Responsible for gathering progress updates and completing a status report (e.g., tasks completed, upcoming milestones, issues, risks.) A standard template may be used or a new status report template may be created for the project in consultation with a more senior consultant and/or the client.
- Facilitates meetings – Assists with the logistics of meetings, including planning and scheduling. In cases where project management is this position’s responsibility, partners with the client to set the meeting agenda and help to facilitate the meeting.

5. Client interaction
% of time spent:10%
Act as the day to day contact for the secondary client contact (not the main client contact or sponsor – that relationship is at a more senior level). Understands client team needs, expectations, and requirements and makes certain that project is meeting expectations. Works with more senior consultant to make certain that proposed solutions and deliverables meet the client expectations. Understands if client needs are changing or not met and works with senior consultant to address changes/issues. Develops a good working relationship with client team– establishes rapport with secondary client contact. Responds to client requests independently if the request is of a routine nature.
May participate in client solution discussions by presenting a portion of the recommendations/findings. More senior consultant will be responsible for overall presentation and will have a greater role in the presentation of the material.
A portion or the entire project may be conducted on the client site.

6.Supports new business development in the following:
% of time spent:5%
Works with more senior consultant to develop initial draft of proposal materials usually by using previous proposals as a framework and modifies them to suit the particular client needs or drafts them according to RFP specifications provided by the client. Senior consultant provides a substantial amount of guidance in developing the proposal.
Manages changes to the proposal. Takes edits from other team members and updates the document. More senior consultant is responsible for final review. Responsible for ensuring that own work (including changes made on behalf of other consultants) is in suitable condition to be presented to client (e.g., free of errors, formatted properly.) Senior consultant will be final approver.
Oversees the process of producing the proposal to be provided to the client (e.g., may print and bind copies of proposal or may oversee the production process)

Provide quantitative and qualitative information related to the position’s scope and job impact. If not applicable, indicate “n/a”.
1.Revenue generation / asset management accountability
Individual revenue accountability(i.e., personal revenue goal):Annual revenue goal: 100,000;Annual billable hours goal: 1400 hrs
Team revenue accountability(i.e., total revenue for team(s) under the position’s management)
2. Management responsibility (i.e., hiring, coaching, scheduling / delegating work, performance reviews)
Number of direct reports
Total reports(Direct and indirect)
3. Project management (i.e., indirect management of project teams)
Typical project team size 1-3
Manages multiple projects? (Yes/No) Yes, may manage smaller projects or individual work streams (i.e., sub-teams) for a project
Percentage of time spent on project management :10-60% depending on the project

Education:Bachelors degree in business, information systems, human resource management or organizational psychology
Experience:Three to five years related HR or consulting experience
- Knowledge and skills (general and technical):
- Knowledge of the HR industry and supporting technology
- Knowledge in the areas of administration and systems, HR strategy and change management
- Excellent technical skills, including strong command of web-enabled systems, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint ) and Visio
- Ability to conduct online research
- Ability to facilitate both small and large groups and conduct one-on-one interviews
- Strong analytical skills and attention to detail
- Excellent oral and written communication skills
- Creative and proactive problem-solving skills
- Ability to work independently and on a team
- Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks in a demanding work environment
- Ability to manage own tasks on multiple projects concurrently
- Ability to transition between diverse project responsibilities
- Demonstrated leadership and ambition
- Self motivated and a quick study
- Ability to recognize potential sales opportunities
- Other requirements (licenses, certifications, specialized training):Ability to travel, as required; up to 100% of time on a per project basis

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