CFO Trainee for the NSN International Graduate Trainee Program

发布日期:2013-06-19 07:02    来源:北京大学国家发展研究院

CFO Trainee for the NSN International Graduate Trainee Program
Nokia Siemens Networks, a global telecom network service provider is looking for 20 high caliber university graduates from Beijing, Europe, Sao Paulo or Singapore to join us for an exclusive 2 year graduate program in the CFO organization.

General purpose
Graduates will gain knowledge and experience required for promotion to management positions under direction of experienced NSN personnel. It will contain a mix of “learning on location” accompanied by placements abroad and dedicated in-house training courses.

Main Responsibility Area
Graduates are expected to develop skills in basic theories, practices and procedures in specific areas within the CFO community through formal training, and then should be able to quickly apply basic knowledge/skills to their own work. Graduates will be able to respond to standard client requests, understand the relationships between work processes and the business. They will learn line and technical functions, operations, management viewpoints and company policies and practices that affect each phase of business. They will set their own performance goals and objectives with upper management, monitor performance progress with management and key coaches and observes experienced workers to acquire knowledge of methods, procedures, and standards required for performance of departmental duties.
Graduates will receive training in functions and operations of related departments to facilitate subsequent transferability between departments and to provide greater promotional opportunities.

Position description
Initially most work will be carried out according to CFO procedures, and the Graduate will operate within guidelines for non-standard situations. Graduates will gather relevant information to support problem solving and decision making.
Graduates will move from an individual contributor role to the team in a support role or entry level professional for semi-routine or standard tasks to more decision-driven tasks in their own work.
They will be accountable for quality and accuracy of their own output with errors initially having limited impact on function/project/customer.

Interested please send CV to and cc