CCER讨论稿:Export Scope, Managerial Efficiency, and Trade Liberalization: Evidence from Chinese Firms

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E2020007                                                        2020-05-27

Larry D Qiu 
Lingnan University
Miaojie Yu 
Peking University

This paper provides a theoretical and empirical analysis of the effects of market competition and market expansion on firm’s product line decisions. The theoretical model explicitly incorporates cost of management and term heterogeneity in terms of managerial efficiency. Both the theoretical and empirical analyses show that the home country’s  final-goods tariff cut (which captures market competition) reduces all home firm’s export product line, whereas in response to the foreign country’s tariff cut (which represents market expansion), firm’s with high (low) managerial efficiency expand (reduce) export product lines. Our empirical analysis is based on data on Chinese firms from 2000 to 2006. The findings are robust to many specifications of the empirical model. 

Keywords: Multiproduct firm; Managerial efficiency; Product line; Export product scope; Trade liberalization.


※Forthcoming at Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.